Sales Associate

Bangkok, Bangkok
Work Type: Full Time
  1. Acquiring knowledge from the Marketing team about the group of Products, remaining knowledgeable and able to educate customers about the core strengths of the product. 

  2. Self-Sufficient and capable of setting self-goals and attaining them. 

  3. Provide recommendations based on Clients needs and requirements.

  4. Represent Clients from their journey of interest to after-sale service. 

  5. Create Monthly reports of sales.

  6. Create Weekly report of leads generated and conversion stages. 

  7. Have strong background or keen interest in either FinTech, MarketPlace or Business to Business to Consumer industry. 

  8. Friendly, outgoing demeanor with a strong commitment to customer service
    Minimum 1 year of experience in sales(Fintech industry) for Sales associate.

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